Island Facts

Information on Ft. Myers Beach

Does the Island have a Trolley or Bus Service?
YES - We have a trolley that runs from Bonita Springs to Summerlin Rd in Fort Myers. Park your car and use the very affordable island trolley to sight see and visit all your desinations on our island and all the way to Bonita Spings. Less than a dollar gets you there!

Is there a Public Library? 
YES- Located between Bay and School St in the 2800 Estero Blvd. block

Are there many beach access areas and Parks?
YES - Fort Myers Beach has over 25 beach access areas and several beautiful beach and bay parks.

Are Pets welcome on the beach?
YES - Pets are allowed. Owners are to clean up after them and have a collar on them, and of course be a responsible pet owner.

Do you have a Town Pier?
YES - We have a Pier extending into the Gulf, located just one block north of Matanzas Pass bridge.

Is there a Public Pool?
YES - We have a great public pool with is within Bay Oaks Rec Center, located next to the beach elementary school.

Are there many seafood dining places in the area?
YES - The area is abundant with local seafood. Over a dozen for seafood alone!  Most serve it as their most popular dishes!

Are there fishing and charter boats for rental?
YES -  There are both charter, half-day boats, and small boat rentals for the day in the area.

Can I see dolphins in the area?
YES - It is common to spot Dolphins, especially in our back bay waters.

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