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Pink Shell Resort & Marina


Casa Playa Resort Condos

Sandpiper Gulf Resort Condos

What is a Condotel?
Answer: It is a condominium that has an optional on-site rental management program available to the individual owners of the condo units within the condo, or planned condominium resort. It typically has more amenities than a typical condominium.

What is the typical rental management commission and charges?
Answer: This varies depending on which condominium and management company.  However, you would have to review their management contract or their rental management for more details.

What is the minimum rental period if I am with the optional on-site management?
Answer: Typically it is one day. Some may have 3 night minimum stays.

How often can I use my condo unit if I am participating in
the rental program on-site?

Answer: Typically two weeks to one month in season, and two weeks to one month in off-season, plus some may also allow you to use the condo at other available times, however you would need to review the individual contracts and verify this information with the rental program management itself.

What is the price of these resort style condos?
Answer: Prices will greatly differ depending on the building, and can start anywhere from low $200's for a studio or one bedroom unit, to over $900,000 for a premier luxury 2 or 3 bedroom condo.

Are these popular in the re-sale market?
Answer: Yes, they are popular for owners that want professional and efficient quality luxury rental condos. Many buyers want a condo that does rent more times of the year, so the Condotel buildings work well for them if they elect to use the on-site optional rental program. Some buildings may have extra fees if you are not in their optional rental program. We are not affiliated or related to any party offering their on-site  rental programs.

Where are the Condotels located?
Answer: There are locations on Fort Myers Beach, and in many resort towns in coastal communities in Florida and other states.  In the Fort Myers Beach area the following are considered Condotels, that offer an on-site optional rental program for the owners.

What are the names of some of these resort style buildings?

Answer: Some locations from the North end to South end of Fort Myers Beach are as follows:
The Pink Shell Resort & Spa, consisting of Sanibel View, Captiva Villas, White Sand Villas
Casa Playa Resort
Sandpiper Gulf Resort
Gullwing Beach Resort
Pointe Estero Resort
Lovers Key Resort